Thursday, April 26, 2012


Is harmony the goal of those who seek news and report it? Or is harmony the exact opposite goal of journalists?

According to, harmony is: agreement; accord; harmonious relations. Journalists uncover the truth, and expose it to the world. This truth may unravel chaos and/or controversial events; seems as though these journalistic characteristics clash with the definition of harmony.

These opposing characteristics remind me of yin & yang, where polar opposite forces may interconnect, benefitting from each other.

Journalists seek the truth to reach harmony...but harmony can never be reached - it's an ideal. Grouping harmony with journalism is a type of yin & yang. By uncovering truth & conflict, journalists allow an audience to reach harmony. Harmony involves resolving conflict to reach a peace.

Journalism: Conflict
Harmony: Peace

Both feed on each other in order to function.

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