Sunday, April 29, 2012

facebook speech

The Los Angeles times recently discussed a U.S. marine who has been discharged for criticizing President Barack Obama.

Marine Sgt. Gary Stein speaks with reporters in front of the federal court building in San Diego on April 13. (Gregory Bull, Associated Press / April 26, 2012)
"Screw Obama and I will not follow orders from him. [He] is an economic and religious enemy." said Marine Sargent Gary Stein. Stein claims his speech was political, while the army declares it violated military law, and therefore verifying his dismissal.

This recent event shows how public Facebook, as well as other social media outlets, are becoming. These outlets are available to our bosses, coworkers, friends & family - anyone can get access to these accounts. With this in mind, one can almost state that nothing is private anymore.

People must recognize that what they say, through the written word, can have repercussions. I believe that thinking with a Judeo-Christian mindset - treat others the way you wish to be treated - can bring the least repercussions. Cyber words can never be erased; it's important to think about what you are writing online, and how that can be interpreted by all.

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