Wednesday, February 8, 2012

planned parenthood, a job well-done

Must controversy arose January 31, when Susan G Komen for the Cure decided to suddenly pull funding from Planned Parenthood. Komen declared that because PP was under legal investigation, they would not be able to support the organization, although many believe Komen had issues supporting an organization in which has a recognized stance of "pro-choice."

I looked at the reaction PP had towards the whole situation, and was very pleased to see the actions made. The organization, although upset with Komen, did not show any malice; instead, they stated their mission to the public: to help women. They kept their public informed about the situation, and also continued to promote the welfare of women. They took advantage of the situation by informing the public about PP, as well as seeking more donations and funding.

Komen damaged their reputation with inconsistency of communication - their messages were delayed and did not seem to follow their mission. Planned Parenthood, on the other hand, proved to remain true to their own organization by sticking to their mission. With clear communication and 2-way discussions with their audience, PP was not a victim by any measure. Great use of PR!
Planned Parenthood promoted the use of this image while Komen controversy arose. 
First Twitter alert to the public.
Facebook notification to the public.
The press release posted on the PP website. Both Facebook & Twitter provided a link to the site.
Facebook post on 2/3/12, informing public about the Komen decision reversal.

The final press release posted on the PP website relating to the Komen situation. Once again, both PP Twitter & Facebook provided links to the article.

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