Wednesday, February 15, 2012

transparency at its finest

On Wednesday, February 15, at 8:05 a.m., Chancellor Victor Boschini sent a campus-wide email to TCU, informing students of the recent arrests of many students (Important Campus Community News from Chancellor Boschini). In case the email was unclear, posted FAQ regarding Feb. 15 police activity to inform others about the situation.

Directly after the email was sent, people from different media companies slowly filtered onto TCU's campus, in hopes of uncovering more news. Boschini held a press conference, in which TCU twitter informed those who could not attend what was being said.

With the help of @TCU360, students, faculty, parents & any other public were well-informed about the TCU crisis. It's clear that Boschini cares for the student population; he made it VERY clear that the behavior of the arrested will NOT be tolerated. He upheld university standards and made sure not to attack specific campus communities, although football players and certain fraternities were involved. He was prepared to handle the situation instead of trying to cover it up, and it's clear that many students appreciated his transparency and honesty.

A little before noon, TCU360 released the 17 names of those arrested (TCU students arrested in record drug roundup). Although I appreciated the constant information about the drug bust, I am not so sure that student names should have been released. Not only are they affected, but also their family, friends, teammates, etc. Do you think we should have access to the list of students arrested?

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