Thursday, January 26, 2012

where's the privacy?

"Imagine you're in a giant room, a room so spacious it can comfortably hold more than a billion people. Despite its size, the room is ingeniously designed so everyone is in close proximity to everyone else. Thus any person in the room can easily walk over to any other person and tap him or her on the shoulder." 
-William Powers in Hamlet's Blackberry
 People are connected in unimaginable ways; social media sites only promote the efficiency of connectedness...but when do we draw a line between being connected and feeling like our privacy is being invaded?

I follow a site called Gymnastike, which gives information about the current happenings in the gymnastics world. Recently, the site posted an article about how coaches in college atmosphere are requiring their athletes to give them full access to their online information. The coaches work with an outside company, Varsity Monitor, and together make sure that the athletes are being "acceptable" through their social media sites. This is done in order to protect each university's image.

Should universities have access to its students' private information? Can it be required in such a manner?

Powers discusses how any person in the world is a "shoulder-tap away" from conversing, metaphorically referring to ease of access to a person through technology. The end of the prologue shows the main character escaping the room, after much struggle.

It seems as if NCAA athletes cannot escape the room, anymore.

HERE is a great article about the relationship between NCAA athletes and Facebook.

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